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God bless the walking city

I just returned from a walk around Bayeux - I got a little lost because the blocks here are triangles not squares, so when I think to myself "oh I'll just go down here and then take the parallel street then join up on the next one that intersects the road I left" it doesn't work like that because triangles, and before you know it you are further away than you intended.  When I got to a large roundabout heading into open space with modern looking buildings I figured I had gone the wrong way (we are right near the town centre), but I made it back and in the end I hadn't even walked 4km.

I am finally starting to feel normal again, Bayeux is much more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of Paris, much cooler, much smaller.  And the main drag is a two minute walk away so food is never far away.

We are staying at a B&B and it is the epitome of cuteness.  There are plush toys everywhere and just lots of lovely little decorations and two bookshelves full of books (they are in French, but whatever).

Dodo et Tartines (our B&B)

My bed (the brown one, not the cot)

Desiree's bed

Front room - there are VHS tapes in this bookcase as well as a cassette player.

Plushie animals in the cot.

Window boxes!  You can open the windows and lean out and wave to people on the street or spy on neighbours across the street.  This kind of stuff is just impossible in suburban Perth, and most of urban Perth too.

View from the bedroom window.

View the other way from the bedroom window.

Towel warmers!

Pretty little things near the toilet.

Seaside themed shadowbox in the bathroom

On top of the bathroom mirror.

Also in the bathroom, he's one of those birds where you pull the cord underneath and he flaps.

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