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It should be illegal to build cities so pretty

So many photos of Paris.  You can't just take one photo of the front of the building because there are decorations EVERYWHERE and it's not like it's the same decoration repeated.  A lot of the time they're all DIFFERENT.

We ended up jumping on an open topped tour bus which took us to all the major sites around the city so I have around a million photos now.

So our first priority was the Palais Garnier.  The Eiffel Tower is actually pretty meh as far as Parisian buildings go, but the Palais Garnier is SPECTACULAR.  I would have been happy just seeing the outside but we did the guided tour and wowowowowowowowow.  I seriously got choked up when I saw the grand staircase.  It's amazing seeing that these places that you've seen in movies and books and read about are REAL.

The front entrance - where the social elite would enter.  That is a bust of the architect Charles Garnier out the front.

Masquerade - paper faces on parade
The grand staircase.

Goddamn look at this everything in this building is exquisite.

The box right next to the stage was intended for Napoleon III, he never ended up using it.  The box beside it is the legendary Box 5 - reserved for Erik - the Phantom of the Opera.

Hark!  She is singing to bring down the chandeleir!!
Yes, this is THAT chandeleir.  It never actually came down, but a counterweight did once and killed a woman.

One of the many costumes on display.  This one I particularly liked because it was a shade of blue but it's hard to get a lock on exactly WHAT colour it is.  It just glows.

"Little Versallies" - this was a holding room for the public while the gas lanterns were relit.  Another familiar area for fans of Phantom of the Opera.

The view from the balcony.  All the buildings around here were built to match and they are all heritage listed.

I am a bit in love with this room.

This much shiny should not be allowed on a building.
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