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Best hotel award

We are staying at the Merceny Motel in Bastogne.  Yes, this is a motel on the side of the road but don't think for a moment that it's dodgy.  It's obviously very new and very modern.

First, you can park for free right at the door like any good motel.  No stressing out over where to park or how much you're going to pay for it like in Bruxelles.  Downstairs is a convenience store with food available.  There is Wi-fi.  It's a short walk from the main town square.

And the ROOM.  It's large, there is a vestibule/foyer area, we finally have a fridge and coffee/tea making facilities.  A wardrobe, an area for a suitcase.  A desk and a small table with two chairs to eat at.  The beds are basic but comfortable.

And the BATHROOM is just luxurious.  Very modern finished concrete, with a large shower cubicle with a massive shower rose and hand sprayer.  You can also switch to mood lighting in there and it feels to me like the kind of shower you'd have outside in a dense garden in the tropics.  I don't have to worry about water going everywhere because it's fully enclosed.  The water sparkles on the floor in the mood lighting and the shadows of water ripples show up on the ceiling.  It's lovely.

I really wish we were here more than two nights.  I'm glad the allies managed to hold Bastogne, so far it's been quite lovely.
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